Who are we?

We at the Fiabci Asia Pacific started a website blog called, the FAP Car Enthusiast Blog because we are a team of enthusiasts, who aims at only one goal. That is to serve as a way for car enthusiasts all over Asia to meet online, share thoughts, give personal opinions and communicate with each other.

We strongly believe that through our website, we can give information to readers, who are interested in cars. Through this website blog, car enthusiasts from different parts of Asia can have a clear understanding of what they are. Being a car enthusiast is not a problem in the society and not a group that provokes collision.

Here in the Fiabci Asia Pacific, we try to make ways on how people will understand each other regardless of their interest. There are those, who are thinking that when a group with cars come together, it might lead to destruction and chaos due to the number of participants. This website blog will also serve as an eye opener to those people that being a car enthusiast is not a threat to the society. These enthusiasts meet and come together for one reason. That is to share experiences and information about their cars.