The Formula 4 of Southeast Asia

There are so many racing competitions to join in Asia. There are also different car clubs to join because they are organizing different events that many car enthusiasts in Asia are waiting to happen. Anyway, there are car enthusiasts, who are not even members of a car club in Asia. But, they are very active in watching different motocross events.

One of the events that car enthusiast is waiting in Asia is the Formula 4. Last year, the annual event started in September and ended in February. This 2018, the F4 SEA will start or July and it will end on December.

What about Formula 4 Southeast Asia?

If you are from different countries in Asia and you love joining car racing events, then I suggest you to join the Formula 4 Southeast Asia or F4 SEA. The Formula 4 countries are Malaysia with the Sepang circuit, Singapore with the Marina Bay circuit, Indonesia with the Sentul circuit, the Philippines with the Clark circuit, Thailand with the Buriram circuit, Taiwan with the Pembay Circuit and India with the Madras circuit.

The Formula 4 Southeast Asia is a well-known racing event that occurs every year. They have six months to run annually and that is what they call one season. Do you know that the F4 SEA is a great way to earn racing experience because there are 30 races in all?  The organizer of this event had been in doing this event for the last 30 years already.

Do you know that the Formula 4 was introduced by the FIA in 2014? This is actually your very first step towards a real professional career as a Formula racer. There are still other levels, such as Formula 1, 2 and 3 or the F1, F2 and F3. Whenever you are joining or participating in the events, you can earn points until such time that you get qualified to higher levels. Do you know the Lance Stroll, who was a Canadian and was driving under the Williams F1 team, was the very first champion to reach F1 and he started from F4?

If you would like to join F4 SEA events, then you have to be 15 years and above. You can only reach F1, if you can earn the license, where you need to join the competitions in Asia Zone F4 SEA. And then, you may be able to join the F4 testing.

If you are interested in joining this event, you have to own your racing cars. There are specifications, when it comes to the tyres. For the Front, it must be 180/550/13 and then, for the Rear, it must be 240/570/13. Slick tyres are already included in the registration fee of the participant. So, no need to bring it.

Do you know that during the race, your car might get damaged? When this happens, there is a team of experienced specialists to work on your car. So that you can go back to the track. If ever that the damage is too much, then you will be given a spare car to use.

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