The Auto Expo of 2018

There will always be a way for car enthusiasts to meet regardless of their races. Luckily we had an event that was recently held in February. We have the Auto Expo, which is actually the biggest comprehensive show in Asia, when it comes to automotive and so with auto components.

Numerous organizations joined together to organize the Auto Expo Show. We have the Confederation of Indian Industry or CII, the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India or ACMA and then, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers or SIAM.

The Auto Expo started in 1986 and has been a good way not only for car enthusiasts, but also for manufacturers to showcase vehicles. The show contributed greatly to India’s automotive industry and this is an opportunity for manufacturers around the world.

auto expo 2018

In 2017, the Auto Expo Show had been very successful. And this year’s show is also a success, where new trends in the automotive industry were displayed. We have e-vehicles, artificial intelligence gathering pace and driverless cars. This only shows that automobiles will not be left behind when it comes to the most advanced and high-tech equipment.

Lucky are those who participated in 2018’s Auto Expo show because the manufacturers were given the chance to showcase and launch their new models and products. The show was divided into two parts for a more organized show.

The Automobiles Show was held at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida. The show started last February 9 and ended on the fourteenth. The other part of the event, called the Auto Components Show was held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, occupying the 60,000 square meter area of the field. The show started last February 8 and ended on the eleventh.

“Mobility for all” that is the theme of the Auto Expo Show this year. There were about a hundred exhibitors, who joined the said event. There were also 12 technology startups, who participated the event. The aim of the said show is to attract various investors from different parts of the world. This will not only be an opportunity for the Indian automotive industry to rise, but also for business establishments to invest.

“Automotive technologies that drive the world” was the team of the Auto Components Show this year. This is a good chance for manufacturers to showcase their products with innovative technology feature, effective built-up and logistics.

There were over 20 participating countries with over 12,000 participants joined the Auto Expo Show. There were also 7 pavilions from 7 countries with various newest components and products displayed. This is also a great opportunity among stakeholders, car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs partake in the conferences and discuss the challenges in the automotive industry.

Aside from that, the pavilion does not only showed displays. They were also there to educate everybody about road safety, which I believe is very important not only for car enthusiasts, but to every individual. This awareness is indeed a good way for people to learn that accidents may happen anytime and that is what we would like to avoid.

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