Our Terms

We would like to inform everybody that here at the Fiabci Asia Pacific, we do not allow copied articles or materials posted on our website blog. We would like our Editorial board to be very strict in checking submitted articles. We would like them to make sure that the articles are originally written before publishing.

We would like to inform our readers that the Fiabci Asia Pacific website blog, is a site that only post articles about car enthusiasts only. So, our articles may contain information that is not meant for kids. So, to all parents out there, if you have kids, who are interested in cars, please make sure that you will guide and supervise them.

Our website blog may also contain experiences and personal opinions of various car enthusiast readers. In this case, we would like you to know that we may mention company, manufacturer or company names. But, we will never use your name and take advantage of it.

Since all our articles are originally written by our valued writers and contributors, we would like you to know that we at the Fiabci Asia Pacific holds the full rights on the said articles. We do not like to have legal issues and concerns that may affect the unity of our readers.