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Networking within FIABCI has helped my business in many ways Print E-mail

A realtor was animatedly selling Malaysia and screening “Malaysia Truly Asia” video clip to an international real estate audience at the two-day 11th FIABIC Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat Summit concluded successfully in Indonesia’s third largest city, Medan recently.

The biannual Summit meeting is one of the activities that organized by the secretariat for Asia Pacific members.

The FIABCI Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat was set up in 2006 aimed to lighten FIABCI headquarters’ administrative workload in Asia Pacific by concentrating their efforts in Europe; and to provide services to members in Asia Pacific for networking and business opportunity.

This may seem odd but it isn’t knowing that he was coaxing them to attend the upcoming 19th FIABCI Asia Pacific Real Estate Congress (APREC) 2011 in Kuala Lumpur next October and not skip the opportunity to visit Malaysia’s many enchanting tourist spots.

medan-2010-6.jpgPrevindran Singhe of Zerin Properties, based in Kuala Lumpur, pointed out that the “tourist spots’” were only icing on the cake, as there were more to be reaped from the business prospects APREC will generate for those attending.

He said he was excited because he was a product of the success stories that abound from the effective networking facilitated by the secretariat.

Since joining FIABCI Malaysia a few years ago, his business has spread to New Delhi in India, Singapore, Sydney in Australia, London, and soon he will open his latest branch in Jakarta in Indonesia.

“We see Jakarta as a good opportunity for us to market Malaysian real estate” he said.

Previndran said joining FIABCI Malaysia has been the turning point that led him to grow his business outside Malaysia.

“Networking within FIABCI has helped my business in many ways. It has provided continuous relevant education and helped me and my staff on networking at a local and global level,” he said.

Previndran, a member of the APREC Organizing Committee in FIABCI Malaysia was among the 200 delegates attending the two-day summit.

medan-2010-7.jpgTwo brothers, Eddie Tan and Ivan Tan talked glowingly of how referrals from FIABCI Malaysia have helped to turn their publishing company around. Into its sixth year, Home Finder is the property magazine with the largest circulation in Malaysia.





medan-2010-8.jpgRaine & Horne senior partner Michael Geh, a speaker and facilitator, said through networking in FIABCI, he had been appointed advisor of international marketing by Sumatra Utara Real Estate Indonesia. He said since then he had also been invited to Jakarta to give talks on international marketing.

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