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(Bali Indonesia, 27th May 2010) It is with great pride and honor that the FIABCI Board announces the appointment of four Honorary Member Titles.

Sheldon Good, Owen Gwyn both of the United States of America and Dato’ Alan Tong of Malaysia have been selected as Honorary World Presidents for their commitment and dedication to FIABCI and to the global real estate industry. Whereas, FIABCI Treasurer, Yves Boussard of France has been recognized as Honorary Treasurer for his years of service and dedication to the Federation. They have been instrumental in leading FIABCI "into the future" and redefining the global real estate industry.

According to the FIABCI STATUTES 5.1 - "HONORARY MEMBERS are individuals who, in the judgment of the Board, have rendered eminent services to FIABCI". An Honorary Member awarded by the FIABCI Board is the highest and most esteemed recognition a FIABCI member can receive.

The awards were conferred by FIABCI World President 2009-2010 Madame Lisa Kurrass at the gala dinner held in conjunction with the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards 2010 at the Westin Resorts Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia.

Honorary World President Dato’ Alan Tong Kok Mau

"Behind the quiet demeanour of Dato' Alan Tong Kok Mau, hides a man of immense talent and great energy whose shrewd business acumen and commitment to quality earns him the title of the Condominium King of Malaysia"

Those were the words used to describe Dato' Alan Tong Kok Mau when he received the coveted Medal of Honour from the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) in 1998.

It is fair to say that Dato' Alan Tong still has that "immense talent and great energy" which undoubtedly led him to be elected as the World President of FIABCI International for 2005/2006 during its World Congress held in Houston, Texas in the United States in May 2004. He is the first Malaysian to hold office of World President.

It was also during his inauguration as FIABCI World President in Athens, Greece that Dato’ Alan Tong announced the formation of the FIABCI Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur. He is the Board Chairman since 2006. 

With this Secretariat, Dato’ Alan Tong led the concept of Regionalization, which is being embraced throughout the world as a new FIABCI structure. He had the vision and interests and proposals have followed from Europe and the Americas, with inquiries from Africa.

Dato’ Alan Tong was also the Chapter President for FIABCI Malaysia for three terms, 1994 to 2000. Dato' Alan Tong has dedicated more than five decades to the cause of real estate development Malaysia.

Dato’ Alan Tong led the charge of FIABCI expansion into Asia. He increased the number of members in existing chapters 5 fold initially and has added the presence of a number of other chapters, giving FIABCI an even greater global reach for members to network, understanding the need for regional meetings, Dato’ Alan Tong, initiated Asia Pacific Regional Summits. They have been a tremendous success, gathering as many delegates as our worldwide December Business Meetings. This has continued for many years in different cities in Asia each time.

As the founder of FIABCI Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat, Dato’ Alan Tong continued to Chair the meetings of the Regional Summits. Now its 10th edition, which was just held in Bangkok on 26th – 27th March 2010, the Summit was attended by delegates from 8 countries. The previous Regional Summits were held in Manila Philippines, Pattaya Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, and Makassar Sulawesi Indonesia.

Dato’ Alan Tong brought with him a wealth of experience culled from his close association and involvement with the public, social and welfare organization.

He had been seen on the cover of many prestigious publications for his accomplishment, knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. Dato’ Alan Tong Kok Mau is a man who says “Have a Passion for FIABCI”.

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