How car enthusiasts in Asia start a car club

There are so many car clubs in Asia and of course, these clubs have car enthusiast members. Lucky are those who are already members because they already have a club. But, for those who are still waiting and looking for a club, then you are surely excited to join. Anyway, there are many car enthusiasts out there, who would like to start a club. It could have been better if they can recruit and invite members from different parts of Asia. In such way, they can expand have more members.

When it comes to car enthusiasts, they always feel proud to be a member of any club. Some of them are even members of different car clubs in Asia. It doesn’t matter anyway, if you are already a member and would like to join more clubs. You are a car enthusiast and it is a part of your passion to join several clubs. In my opinion, one club should not stop their members from joining different clubs or to just stick in one club. That is their way of meeting other car enthusiasts from different places.

Determine the focus of the organization

As a car enthusiast, you have to determine the focus of your club. There are clubs out there, who are very specific in the focus of their group. Let’s say that they would like to have members only with the same manufacturers, skills, decals, audio systems and racing. Through this, the founder can easily collect members.

Know your Mission and Goals

What is the mission of the organization? What would you like to promote? Through this mission, you can gain car enthusiast’s trust and then, can encourage them to join.

You must also set a common goal. Car enthusiasts do not only gather together. They also have various community events and benefits given to their members. This is also a great way to earn credibility and more members to come.

Meeting Place

Car enthusiasts must set time to meet and gather. This is where your meetings will be discussed. This is also a good time for the car enthusiasts to have chit chats and for acquaintance purposes. This is also a time for different members to open up personal or business deals that other members are interested in. It could have been better if you can set different places for your meeting place. In such way, you can also encourage other car enthusiasts from those places to join.

Make the club official

It could have been better if your organization is official. So, you have to register it to the department or council in-charged. This is the best way for the car enthusiasts to officially join and participate in any events.

If the founder will not register this club, then car enthusiasts, who would like to be a member will think that the club is not for real. When that happens, other car enthusiasts may think that the club is not really serious in organizing and expanding the group.

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