Recommended Perth Car Rental Company

Travelling to Perth (WA)?

For people living in Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, Perth is a popular holiday destination. Especially for people who had never travel overseas before. Why? Simply because Perth is a relatively close city from most South-East Asian countries. To keep with the car theme of this blog, this post is dedicated to a recommended car hire company for you to consider for your car rental needs during your time in Perth. The company is located in the heart of Perth CBD and another location in Kewdale (very close to Perth Airport).

Our readers are obviously car enthusiasts, what you’d be glad to know is that Aries offer modern cars such as the Nissan Altima, Renault Koleos and the Nissan X-Trail. So you can actually enjoy your ride whilst doing sight-seeing in Western Australia. With regular servicing carried out on their fleet, you can be rest assured that you are driving a safe vehicle. The recommendation for this company came from John, one of our regular reader after his experience with Aries during his recent visit to Perth a few months ago.

John Hired the Nissan Pathfinder

John actually rented a large sized car – the Nissan Pathfinder since his love for four wheel drives. His overall experience was excellent, hence why we’ve decided to include this recommendation in our car enthusiast blog. We asked John what the highlights were during his travel. In his opinion, below are the top 5 spot to visit in WA. Of course he recommend hiring a car to cut the travel time and the fact that you can schedule your time when visiting these places.

perth car rental - nissan pathfinder

Places to Visit in Perth and Beyond

The five places mentioned below were given to us by John. It is purely his opinion and obviously everyone’s taste will be different. So do your own due diligence when considering these places.

Perth CBD

First of the his list was a somewhat obvious one, the Perth city area, primarily for the shopping experience. According to the Visit Perth City website, there are more than 900 specialty shops within the Perth City. With a mixture of indoor and outdoor shopping malls. Together with free live entertainment by buskers and weekly market stalls, it is definitely a place to spend your time.

perth city image

Golf Courses

Perth has plenty of public golf courses for you to enjoy a round (or more) of golf with your partner or friends. John loves his golf, so you can imagine why this was on the list! He definitely recommends the Lake Karrinyup Country Club. Just do a quick search on the internet and you will find lots to choose from!

Margaret River

Located south of Perth, Margaret River is a popular destination amongst tourists. With organised wine tours, cave and lighthouse tours. Even whale watching is on the menu! Another benefit of visiting this area is the fact that other popular spots are in close proximity such as the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse and the Busselton jetty.

margaret river photo

Rottnest Island

A short ferry trip, Rottnest Island is WA’s Island getaway. The island boasts one of the world’s beautiful beaches. Whilst there, don’t forget to explore the flora and fauna on the island.

Monkey Mia

This is definitely the place to go if you love the wildlife, Monkey Mia is well known for the tamed wild dolphins. But apart from the dolphins, you may also see sharks, turtles, rays and dugongs. There is also a walk trail for those keen on doing walks.

How car enthusiasts in Asia start a car club

There are so many car clubs in Asia and of course, these clubs have car enthusiast members. Lucky are those who are already members because they already have a club. But, for those who are still waiting and looking for a club, then you are surely excited to join. Anyway, there are many car enthusiasts out there, who would like to start a club. It could have been better if they can recruit and invite members from different parts of Asia. In such way, they can expand have more members.

When it comes to car enthusiasts, they always feel proud to be a member of any club. Some of them are even members of different car clubs in Asia. It doesn’t matter anyway, if you are already a member and would like to join more clubs. You are a car enthusiast and it is a part of your passion to join several clubs. In my opinion, one club should not stop their members from joining different clubs or to just stick in one club. That is their way of meeting other car enthusiasts from different places.

Determine the focus of the organization

As a car enthusiast, you have to determine the focus of your club. There are clubs out there, who are very specific in the focus of their group. Let’s say that they would like to have members only with the same manufacturers, skills, decals, audio systems and racing. Through this, the founder can easily collect members.

Know your Mission and Goals

What is the mission of the organization? What would you like to promote? Through this mission, you can gain car enthusiast’s trust and then, can encourage them to join.

You must also set a common goal. Car enthusiasts do not only gather together. They also have various community events and benefits given to their members. This is also a great way to earn credibility and more members to come.

Meeting Place

Car enthusiasts must set time to meet and gather. This is where your meetings will be discussed. This is also a good time for the car enthusiasts to have chit chats and for acquaintance purposes. This is also a time for different members to open up personal or business deals that other members are interested in. It could have been better if you can set different places for your meeting place. In such way, you can also encourage other car enthusiasts from those places to join.

Make the club official

It could have been better if your organization is official. So, you have to register it to the department or council in-charged. This is the best way for the car enthusiasts to officially join and participate in any events.

If the founder will not register this club, then car enthusiasts, who would like to be a member will think that the club is not for real. When that happens, other car enthusiasts may think that the club is not really serious in organizing and expanding the group.

The Formula 4 of Southeast Asia

There are so many racing competitions to join in Asia. There are also different car clubs to join because they are organizing different events that many car enthusiasts in Asia are waiting to happen. Anyway, there are car enthusiasts, who are not even members of a car club in Asia. But, they are very active in watching different motocross events.

One of the events that car enthusiast is waiting in Asia is the Formula 4. Last year, the annual event started in September and ended in February. This 2018, the F4 SEA will start or July and it will end on December.

What about Formula 4 Southeast Asia?

If you are from different countries in Asia and you love joining car racing events, then I suggest you to join the Formula 4 Southeast Asia or F4 SEA. The Formula 4 countries are Malaysia with the Sepang circuit, Singapore with the Marina Bay circuit, Indonesia with the Sentul circuit, the Philippines with the Clark circuit, Thailand with the Buriram circuit, Taiwan with the Pembay Circuit and India with the Madras circuit.

The Formula 4 Southeast Asia is a well-known racing event that occurs every year. They have six months to run annually and that is what they call one season. Do you know that the F4 SEA is a great way to earn racing experience because there are 30 races in all?  The organizer of this event had been in doing this event for the last 30 years already.

Do you know that the Formula 4 was introduced by the FIA in 2014? This is actually your very first step towards a real professional career as a Formula racer. There are still other levels, such as Formula 1, 2 and 3 or the F1, F2 and F3. Whenever you are joining or participating in the events, you can earn points until such time that you get qualified to higher levels. Do you know the Lance Stroll, who was a Canadian and was driving under the Williams F1 team, was the very first champion to reach F1 and he started from F4?

If you would like to join F4 SEA events, then you have to be 15 years and above. You can only reach F1, if you can earn the license, where you need to join the competitions in Asia Zone F4 SEA. And then, you may be able to join the F4 testing.

If you are interested in joining this event, you have to own your racing cars. There are specifications, when it comes to the tyres. For the Front, it must be 180/550/13 and then, for the Rear, it must be 240/570/13. Slick tyres are already included in the registration fee of the participant. So, no need to bring it.

Do you know that during the race, your car might get damaged? When this happens, there is a team of experienced specialists to work on your car. So that you can go back to the track. If ever that the damage is too much, then you will be given a spare car to use.

Japan’s Most Awaited toughest Auto Shows

There are numerous auto shows that every car enthusiast is waiting for to happen in Japan this year. You would surely love to witness every event that is scheduled in 2018. If you enjoyed watching and participating in the previous events, then you will surely have an eye on it again.

Various auto shows are held in Asia every year and this year, you would surely love to come and join the different competitions in Japan. This country in Asia is popular in manufacturing and producing different car models with high specifications and great quality. So, if you think you have the guts to drive and race your best car, then this year is the best time for you to show your capability.

We have here some auto shows to be held in Japan for you to look after. You would surely want to check them out. So, be there and see it for yourself.

The Tokyo Auto Salon – Chiba

This 36th edition of the event was held in Makuhari Messe last January 12 to 14 of 2018. It’s only the Chiba, who can handle the madness and the facility of this event. This event was organized by the Toyo Auto Salon Committee. There were 442 exhibitors and 800 cars showcased, which were dressed and tuned up, of course with advanced technology.

The Automotive World – Tokyo and Nagoya

This event is actually the largest exhibition in the world with the latest automotive technology. The 10th Automotive World event was held last January 17 to 19 of 2018 in Tokyo Big Sight. The event consists of six grand auto shows, such as the Car-Ele Japan, which is an automotive electronics technology expo; the Connected Car Japan, which is an M2M or infotainment tech and apps; the EV Japan for drive system technology; the Autonomous Driving Technology Expo for mapping and autonomous vehicles; the Car-Mecha Japan for car parts and its components; and then, the Lightweight Technology Expo for auto materials as well as its components. The very first Automotive World Nagoya will be held on September 5 to 7 of 2018 in Portmesse Nagoya.

The Osaka Auto Messe

This event was held last February 10 to 12 of 2018 at the International Exhibition Center or INTEX, Osaka. This year’s slogan says, “Spread, connect for the exciting life with your car.” This event actually started in 1997 to bring car enthusiasts together in Japan. The event is usually called as a car and customize show, which is actually its focus.

The Tohoku Motor Show

This event was held last February 10 to 12 of 2018 at Yume Messe Miyagi. In this show, you can various displays of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorbikes. You can also find there different tools, kits and car parts.

The Nagoya Auto Trend

The Nagoya Auto Trend or NAT “tuner” event was held last February 24 and 25 of 2018 in Portmesse Nagoya. This motor show gears vehicles for dressing and tuning as well as customizing automobiles. It is composed of 6 zones, such as the Dress Up, the Tuning, the Import, the Goods or Accessory, the Audio-Visual and the Event.

The SEMA 2017 Show

As a car enthusiast, we enjoy going to different shows that involves car. From there, we can see different models of cars coming from various manufacturers. There are even cars there from different countries. We might just be attending the event, but coming there to witness how amazing the cars were is already an opportunity that not every car enthusiast can grab. So, if it happens that a particular event is just in town, then we better grab it and never miss it.

One of the most awaited event that car enthusiasts did not fail to attend is the Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA Show, which started on October 31, 2017 and concluded on November 3, 2017. This is a premiere trading exhibition, which started its operation in 1963 and started organizing events in 1967. The SEMA consists of various groups, such as manufacturers, resellers, distributors, retailers, restorers, car clubs, publishing companies and race teams.

The 4-day annual show held in the Las Vegas Convention Center is a great opportunity for every participant to promote innovative products and showcase their business. Through this event the entrepreneurs had the chance to connect with different industries from 140 countries. There were also seminars, focusing on techniques and strategies in marketing.

New Products Display

The aftermarket displayed new exciting and best products. There were around 3,000 entries for new products judged in 16 categories. Some of the winners were the ALLDATA LLC for Collision Repair & Refinish Product, the Holley/MSD for Engineered New Product, Westin Automotive for Exterior Accessory Product, Switch-Pros for Accessory Product, Lund International for Merchandising Display, Secure360 Automotive Security Camera for Mobile Electronics Product, Austin International Mfg Inc. for Off-Road/4-Wheel Drive Product, Liquid Armour Protective Coatings LLC for Packaging Design, Holley/MSD Racepak Vantage for Performance-Racing Product, COMP Performance Group for Performance-Street Product and Holley/MSD for Powersports Product.

Extreme Test Driving

The Continental Tire delivered an ultimate driving experience for show goers. They had the chance to hang out, ride a car and see builds from car builders. Chris ‘Teach’ McNeil was even there, showing off a BMW G310R. During the event Jeff Lang from the Sunline Auto Restyling took the award as the PRO Restyler of the Year, Eastman Chemical Company – Llumar Window Films for PRO Manufacturer of the Year, Bill North of Katzkin Leather for PRO Nat Danas Person and Scott Wolin of Chicago Parts & Sound for PRO Jim Boree Lifetime Achievement Award.

SEMA Industry Awards Banquet

The eminent awards were given during the third day of the said event. John Jhonson of the Spartan Group got the SEMA Person of the Year, the MagnaFlow got the SEMA Manufacturer of the Year, the Considine Sales & Marketing got the SEMA Rep Agency of the Year, Meyer Distributing got the SEMA WD of the Year and then, for the SEMA Gen-III Innovator of the Year award, Pete Gonzales of Darkside Scientific got it.

SEMA Ignited

On the last day, the SEMA Ignited led the end-party. This day is open for everybody. This is now the biggest chance of every car enthusiast to witness. The annual SEMA Battle of the Builders was held with over 300 applications. The Ultimate Vehicle Builder title was taken by Troy Trepanier.

The Auto Expo of 2018

There will always be a way for car enthusiasts to meet regardless of their races. Luckily we had an event that was recently held in February. We have the Auto Expo, which is actually the biggest comprehensive show in Asia, when it comes to automotive and so with auto components.

Numerous organizations joined together to organize the Auto Expo Show. We have the Confederation of Indian Industry or CII, the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India or ACMA and then, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers or SIAM.

The Auto Expo started in 1986 and has been a good way not only for car enthusiasts, but also for manufacturers to showcase vehicles. The show contributed greatly to India’s automotive industry and this is an opportunity for manufacturers around the world.

auto expo 2018

In 2017, the Auto Expo Show had been very successful. And this year’s show is also a success, where new trends in the automotive industry were displayed. We have e-vehicles, artificial intelligence gathering pace and driverless cars. This only shows that automobiles will not be left behind when it comes to the most advanced and high-tech equipment.

Lucky are those who participated in 2018’s Auto Expo show because the manufacturers were given the chance to showcase and launch their new models and products. The show was divided into two parts for a more organized show.

The Automobiles Show was held at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida. The show started last February 9 and ended on the fourteenth. The other part of the event, called the Auto Components Show was held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, occupying the 60,000 square meter area of the field. The show started last February 8 and ended on the eleventh.

“Mobility for all” that is the theme of the Auto Expo Show this year. There were about a hundred exhibitors, who joined the said event. There were also 12 technology startups, who participated the event. The aim of the said show is to attract various investors from different parts of the world. This will not only be an opportunity for the Indian automotive industry to rise, but also for business establishments to invest.

“Automotive technologies that drive the world” was the team of the Auto Components Show this year. This is a good chance for manufacturers to showcase their products with innovative technology feature, effective built-up and logistics.

There were over 20 participating countries with over 12,000 participants joined the Auto Expo Show. There were also 7 pavilions from 7 countries with various newest components and products displayed. This is also a great opportunity among stakeholders, car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs partake in the conferences and discuss the challenges in the automotive industry.

Aside from that, the pavilion does not only showed displays. They were also there to educate everybody about road safety, which I believe is very important not only for car enthusiasts, but to every individual. This awareness is indeed a good way for people to learn that accidents may happen anytime and that is what we would like to avoid.

What made you say that you are a car enthusiast?

Anywhere you go in the world you can always find a group of people, who shares a common interest. Most of the time, this small group organizes a club and give a name to their group. They meet up and do activities that interests them.

When it comes to cars or any other type of transportation, people also have groups in Asian countries. These are called car enthusiast. These groups started with small members until such time that more members have joined the group. They show their support for each member. They might be members coming from different countries, but that is not a reason not to meet each other. Do they need to bring their cars? If it is possible, then why not?


When you love cars

A person with a car and who loves a particular type of car usually joins various organizations. These people are called enthusiast in such a way that they have the same passion. Let’s say that these enthusiasts enjoy upgrading, customizing and modifying their cars because they would like their cars to join various car show competitions? There are also enthusiasts, who are joined together because they collect vintage cars. And then, there are also those who hang out together because they like collecting various sports cars. These enthusiasts in Asia are grouped differently, but they all are talking about their cars.

To be enthusiast is passion and is in the heart. If you are happy with the group, then you will surely support it all the way. As enthusiasts, you do not compete with each other because you are supposed to help each other. You all have something in common, so you share ideas and you give suggestions to uplift a member.

How to meet online

One reason why a certain group increased its members is because of the Internet, which served as a way for people from different countries to know each other. It is indeed true that to be a member of any group, you pay for your registration. But, online is free and access to communication is easy.

Through the use of the Internet, members from different countries can easily share ideas and thoughts without even meeting personally. They believe that they have a common interest and they understand each other.

If you are going to talk to every member of the group, then online is easier because there are forums and online communities available for these enthusiasts. Through this, they can form meet ups and plan activities for the group.

Here, you just need to trust each other. If you cannot trust others, then the group won’t be for real and everything will just be virtually connected. If talking to other enthusiasts is leading you to a better perspective, then these must be real people.

Again, if you are a car enthusiast, you do not always need to be the best among other enthusiasts. You need to keep yourself humble and down to earth. Just think that you are enjoying these people’s company just like how you enjoy driving your car.